Shore Acres Turkey Run Fun

Thank your for inviting me to be a part of all those runners success! The kids seemed to have a blast from Warm-Up with the awesome leaders of Jazzercise..


to our dedicated handsome mascots supporting the runners and competing themselves! The cow from Chick-Fil-A 4th Street, St.Pete Rowdies Pelican Pete, the sweet greyhound from Northeast Chiropractic Center & Shore Acres very own eagle!



The runners took their goals VERY seriously and had smiles all the way through it!



Even the little wittle racers!


Shout out to our First Finish Line Crosser, Ben Cubito!!


Big thank you to all the other sponsors.. The kids enjoyed all the yummy food post run boosts from Fresh Meal Plan, Chick-Fil-A on 4th Street & Ciccio Cali! Master Merdad Martial arts, Realtor Leisa Erikson and Associates & Jump For Kids deserve awesome shout outs as well for their support!


To view the gallery from the entire event, follow THIS LINK to the gallery page! If you'd like to purchase a photograph for keepsake and memories, follow the instruction on the gallery page.


Until next year turkey runners! Great job!

A Summer of play at St.Pete Beach

I'm so excited to share the sneak peek of the Baindurashvili family playing as the sun goes down! Just in time for their gorgeous Mommas Birthday today! One extra gift to end the evening :)


Even though they had some crazy waves, it didn't stop those fearless kids for a second! They were body surfing whether it was planned on not!


The youngest always steal the show (insert a bajillion heart eyes emoji here!)


WHAT A SMILE! Holy Handsomeness





Please let me and my husband look just half as gorgeous as them after 3 beautiful children?!


I'm sure it was disappointing at first to not have the most spectacular clouds ever because we were entering hurricane season together.. BUT those sunsets just never disappoint! What a sweet evening you let me join in on! Beautiful example of well balanced, loving and kind parents you are! Look forward to seeing your munchkins grow with all that in store!



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Sibling Lovin', Splash Fights and Gorgeous St.Pete Beach Sunset for the Cherry On Top

Drooling over the clouds the St.Pete Beach summer rain brings my sessions!
Today on the blog we have the cutest little munchkin who stole the show and her 2 older brothers! Mom and Dad definitely got in on the play action. I present the Jensen's evening at the beach :)

I just want to throw in my FAVORITE photograph from the evening to start. Like I said, little Miss Sunshine as her momma calls her, stole the show.


I think naughty Dad shots are my favorite things to get while with a family!


Baby architects in the making..


"Sometimes the strength of motherhood is greater than natural laws" -Barbara Kingsolver


Now THIS is the one that needs to be blown up and framed


Can they be any more adorable?!


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-Kelly with Kelly Nash Documentary Photography


Pool and Portrait Session was a success!!

What a fun afternoon with Annabelle and Jeremiah and gorgeous Momma Vicky! Thank you for inviting me to play in the pool with your little ones which is one of their favorite activities, if not daily routine!


Tell me what's better than mnm's all over your face.. NOTHING


And if any family deserved the most stunning sunset I've ever photographed, it's this one!


What a perfect ending to a great afternoon together!


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First Birthday Party with Emma!

Little Emma turned one this past week! Her sweet parents planned the nicest party for her to be loved on and celebrated!


Her grandpa and Uncle tied almost every balloon knot themselves (letting only a few pop in the process!) while everyone got everything Emma could want for her 1st birthday all ready and set up!

We squeezed in a few special family portraits that Emma was more than happy to participate in so patiently and happily!


Everyone started arriving and the rest is history! Too quickly they grow right?


Even the 4 legged guests had a whole lot of fun in the pool!



I mean look at the happiness she brought to everyone! Especially Dad :)


And that is a wrap on the cake smash fun!
 Ending her party in some smiling fun and trying to make it to that third step all by herself :)


Thank you for letting me be a part of your day, Emma! Can't wait to see you grow!



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Nana and Grandson, Generations Together Session!

I had the sweet pleasure to photograph Nana Jane and Jackson this week! I photographed Jackson months and months ago when he seemed so small. A beautiful in home Day in Your Life documentary session. Well this session was gifted to Nana for this past Mothers Day. How much fun is that?! Just mastering the whole walking/fleeing movements.. Jackson needed more time and space to run around in order to show how he really is in this chapter. Each photograph is just precious for all it's own reasons!

We started with Jackson's favorite activity.. eating!


And to his least favorite.. Thank goodness he has the kindest and most patient Nana!


And off to the park to complete the typical day and moments that come while Nana's around.


SUCH precious moments that Nana can enjoy now and Jackson will have to look back on. I can't say enough how important it is, to get generations together in photographs. Because you will never know how important these photographs could mean one day.

Mom, Son and Grandson :)


Summer Beach Sessions Rain or Shine!

With Tropical Storm Collin busting through the Tampa Bay all week long, I've already had to reschedule 2 sessions! But props to Momma Jen for being brave and trusting me when I said rain clouds in the background make for some gorgeous shots. These boy kept me moving, but man the fun beach memories they'll make ALL summer long and having these photos to look back on! Makes my day. Have I mentioned I love my job?!


Don't rule out your house of rambunctious boys as impossible to partake in photo sessions! These boys had a blast for their evening at the beach. Thanks for playing with me boys!

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Documentary Session or Posed Portrait Session?

There are all these terms professional photographers use to describe their style or way of shooting. So what's what?!

Well the most popular photography sessions are posed Portrait Sessions. The photographer helps you choose the cutest outfits to style the session beautifully. They choose a perfect location at the perfect time of day so the setting is unforgettable. This is so much fun! An evening of making memories! But the issue I and every photographer out there has run into.. Is when your 4 year old who happened to wake up on the wrong side of the bed and has just started picking out her own clothes each morning, wails the entire way to the session because she wants those purple leopard leggings and the red mickey mouse shirt and is repulsed by the new outfit you bought her specifically for the session.

This is already so much fun like we agreed, right?!

You arrive with a 4 year old with splotchy red eyes and face. Time to pose and hold your smile and gaze into the camera! The older sister starts making sassy comments about how muggy it is and she's "melting". Little 1 year old is eating sand.

Lets be honest.. The photograph you all agree you love most from the session is when the photographer suggest a tickle fight. Everyone is laughing and loving that moment. Because it's most likely a moment they have lived many times with Mom and Dad. It's true emotion that they feel for this chapter in life they are in.

I know that Documentary Family Sessions are new to the scene. Its hard to change your view on what a family photo session is and has been for so long! The entire session aimes to get that one perfect photograph to blow up and hang above the fireplace. But imagine a session that is completely filled with moments defining this chapter your littles are in right now.

What are the real and genuine moments you want to have as keepsakes. The photographs your children can look back on and remember summers filled with time at Disney or at the beach which are pastimes they actually loved doing as a family. Not ice cream bribery pain to get the one perfect photograph instead of dozens of perfect ones because they are perfectly unique!

Do not misunderstand me! I LOVE a beautiful portrait session just as much as any other photographer. But for a family who has older children with the understanding and patience :)

But you know what's the best of both worlds? When I'm with you for such a long period of time throughout a day for your Day in the Life Sessions. Your little one that might not have the patience or understanding for what's going on in normal 45 minute session, but after having 3 or 6 hours to get used to me being around (and a few breaks to play with them too!) sometimes we have the moment to go from this...

To this... :)

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