I had the sweet pleasure to photograph Nana Jane and Jackson this week! I photographed Jackson months and months ago when he seemed so small. A beautiful in home Day in Your Life documentary session. Well this session was gifted to Nana for this past Mothers Day. How much fun is that?! Just mastering the whole walking/fleeing movements.. Jackson needed more time and space to run around in order to show how he really is in this chapter. Each photograph is just precious for all it's own reasons!

We started with Jackson's favorite activity.. eating!


And to his least favorite.. Thank goodness he has the kindest and most patient Nana!


And off to the park to complete the typical day and moments that come while Nana's around.


SUCH precious moments that Nana can enjoy now and Jackson will have to look back on. I can't say enough how important it is, to get generations together in photographs. Because you will never know how important these photographs could mean one day.

Mom, Son and Grandson :)