Just You Gallery:


So you found your love!

You pulled them in and didn't let go.

When did you last take photographs to document your beautiful life you're creating together? Your wedding? You deserve some new ones to treasure! And if you think you don't NEED them.. Your poor Momma 5 states away thinks she does! :)

Whatever chapter in life you're in where it's just you and your love, this package is for you.

Simply need new photos together because it's been too long? Your engaged? Or an anniversary coming up? CONGRATS

I love taking these moments and being really creative. Even if you say you aren't, after 30 minutes into your session, you're comfortable and the creative juices certainly start flowing and we're making some beautiful photographs of you to hold on to or pass along.

These sessions tend to last anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour and a half. I don't set time limits, but I do have 2 packages. 1 location or 2! Puppies, hikes, water or cafes.. You name it, and we can come up with the perfect session for you two!

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